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Troubleshooting a Sprinkler System With Low Water Pressure

Posted - 09/13/2012

Your home’s sprinkler system provides you with a convenient way to ensure that your lawn receives an adequate amount of water on a regular basis. Your system may be on a timer, or it may be a manual system that delivers an even amount of water across the yard with the simple turn of a knob. When the water pressure for your sprinkler system is low, however, the ability for your system to deliver ample water where needed is eliminated.

To troubleshoot the system, you can inspect your yard for signs of a leak in the underground pipes. This can be difficult to do, but you can look for puddles on the soil, wet spots, grass that appears greener and more lush, and more. You can also ensure that the water pressure to other areas of your home is not reduced. In some cases, you may be able to identify the cause of your low water pressure, and these causes often will need to be remedied by a landscaping company.

If you cannot locate the cause of your system’s low water pressure, you can contact Norfolk Landscaping company for assistance. The company can diagnose your water pressure issue and can provide you with the needed repairs.
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